Umbhoza Houseboat

5 star luxury fully air-conditioned pontoon boat

Umbozha is a 5 star luxury fully air-conditioned pontoon boat.  She has 5 family cabins with double beds and 2 bunks, 2 twin bedded cabins and 2 master suites with queen beds.  All the cabins are en-suite.  There are facilities to accomodate extra sleeping arrangements.  She can take a maximum of 40 passengers.  She is ideal for those big family gatherings or business get togethers.  Tastefully furnished and decorated.  

Cabins (all ensuite):                             3 x family cabins each with a double bed & 2 bunk beds

                                                               2 x twin + 2 bunks (suits 4 single adults)

                                                               2 x twin bedded cabins

                                                               2 x master suites Queen Sized Beds

                                                               Total in cabins: 28 pax


Other sleeping possibilities:              The Main lounge has 2 full sized Indian daybeds .

                                                              There is a further full sized Indian daybed on the pool deck.

                                                              The back deck has 2x double outdoor daybeds.

                                                              The top deck has 1 double & 1 single outdoor daybeds.

                                                              For those sleeping in the lounge there is a separate toilet &

                                                              Shower. For those sleeping outside there is a separate toilet

                                                              & shower on the 1st deck


Toilets                                                   12

Showers                                                9

Wet & Dry Rates Available                  

Cruising Speed:                                   5.5 knots

Generator Size:                                    25 Kva Perkins Diesel

Generator Approx Fuel Usage:          12 Litres/hour


Plug Points:

Deck Pool Size:                                    (Length 3,9m, Width 2,8 m, Depth1,2 m)

Hot Water Geyser:                                1 x Electric 150 litres Pressure Geyser

Stove:                                                    1 x 5 Plate Gas with Oven

Micro Wave Oven:                                1 x 28 litre

Freezers:                                               2 x 840 litre Chest

Fridge:                                                  1 x 420 litre Upright

Bar:                                                       1 x Bottle Cooler 1400 litre

Air Conditioning Units:                       1 x per Bedroom (9 x 12000 BTU)

                                                               Bar Lounge (2x 18000 BTU)

Please Note:  Generator will be switched off at 10pm which is Government Stipulated Lake Rules.  Therefore the Air Cons will not run after this time.

Television:                                           1x 24 inch flat screen Bar Area for only DVD's - client to supply        

Music system:                                      Full modern music system


Crew                                                      4 crew (Captain, Chef and 2 Deckhands)

Tender Boats:                                      Large pool of boats within the group, boats will be allocated according

                                                              numbers and requests.   

Please Note:  Tender Boats are for Game Drives and fishing in the vicinity of the houseboat and are strictly crew driven.  Should you require a speed boat for long distance fishing, please either bring your own which will be towed behind the houseboat leaving behind one of the houseboat tenders, (please bring your own rope for towing and fuel) or you can hire a speed boat from Marineland.  

Braai:                                                     Gas Braai on board

Swimming Pool:                                   Yes

Child Proof:                                          Yes

Life Jackets:                                         Life Jackets are supplied for Max Pax, there are small childrens jackets on board, but please be advised, if you have small children and worried about the sizes, please bring your own.

Boarding:                                               12pm and disembarking 10am

Mooring:                                                Andora Harbour